A Proven Step By Step Method to Get You Playing Blues and Jazz Piano Like a Pro!

Learn to play blues and jazz piano with my unique teaching method developed over 25 years as a professional educator and performer. This method has helped thousands of students master jazz and blues piano, with many going on to have successful careers as professional jazz musicians.​ Follow a clear and structured path and get awesome in-depth video lessons and pdfs to help you achieve your dream of playing blues and jazz piano!

Have you struggled to learn blues and jazz piano? Do you want to play blues and jazz but don't know where to start? I'm here to help you.

Have you been told that you can't learn blues and jazz, that you either have it in your bones or you don't? You CAN learn blues and jazz piano. I know because I did it! There is a proven method I teach that will get you playing blues and jazz like a pro!

I am a full-time professional musician, composer and educator with more than 25 years experience. I have successfully taught blues and jazz piano to many thousands of people, from beginners to advanced students - and I can help you too!

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What students have to say about Greg's teaching

"I’ve had the great fortune to be a student of Greg Lloyd’s for the past few years, during which time he has brought my piano playing to a level I didn’t think possible. Greg does more than just teach the technical aspects of jazz/blues/funk piano. He delights in passing on his deep knowledge and love for the music, can unlock the secrets of developing a great sound, and can even teach that most elusive of elements: “the groove"

- Rob, Gleanageary, Co. Dublin

"Learning improvisation as a discipline, an exploration and pure fun”

As a (very!) mature student, I came late to piano and studied classical music for about three years took a long break and then started blues/jazz with Greg 14 months ago. I had never tried blues or any type of improvisation before. The first 15 minutes of the first lesson immediately felt like a revelation and the weekly lessons are always exciting and creative, the highlight of my week. I feel bereft if need to postpone because going on a business trip or even a holiday! I don’t intend to stop.

Greg’s method is rooted in playing strictly in time and for the student to work slowly and methodically, mastering each stage at their individual pace, before moving on to the next level. He introduces a simple blues structure and the aim is to keep that left hand steady and metronomic, coming up with improvisation in the right usually around a simple blues scale, initially in C or F. Both hands must be in sync and it is really not about speed or virtuosity; much more important to him is finding and maintaining a relaxed piano posture, a confident touch and intimate, pleasing sound.

I can reassure even the most daunted among you used only to playing “music written down”, Greg has come up with a system that is accessible, meticulous and pure fun which as he says is the result of 20 plus years of teaching jazz/blues to all levels.

You need to put in the practice and Greg a warm and gracious man, recognises and praises effort. If you can’t get to a piano, he suggests spending as little as 10-15 minutes a day on some aspect other of the course like the handclapping exercise or listen to your favourite pianist and try to tap out the rhythm. Greg wishes he had been taught this way, but was not, but you can be. Get learning and improvising!

- Jem Golden, Dublin, Ireland


Greg Lloyd is an Australian professional Jazz Pianist, Composer and Educator with a B.Mus. in Jazz Performance from the Sydney Conservatorium and Australian National University. For 25 years Greg has been helping aspiring musicians learn blues and jazz.

Greg has taught at numerous universities worldwide and has performed at the Berlin Jazz Festival, the Barbican and in major venues in New York, Dublin, Sydney, London and Paris. Greg has studied with Joe Zawinul, Lee Konitz, John Patitucci, Mike Stern, Mark Murphy, Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen and Mike Nock and on the Rock side of things he has collaborated with Damon Albarn (Blur/Gorillaz).

Greg is known for his engaging and supportive style of teaching, his humour and his ability to teach complex harmony and musical theory 'by stealth'. His unique method has helped thousands of students to master jazz and blues piano with many going on to have successful careers as professional jazz musicians.